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What about Big Problems

Like a bad marriage?

We are always told to concentrate on the big things, take care of the big things and the little things will fall into place.


If you have an obvious problem or situation in your life that is causing you tremendous difficulty then taking care of that will be the big thing. It is easy to tell. You cannot ignore it. It does not go away on it's own.

When I was suffering under the verbal abuse from my wife, that was my big thing. It was all I could do to make it through the day. All I worried about was survival. I tried to ignore it. I tried to make the best of it. I tried to tolerate it. I tried to think about other things and make the best of it.

But all that was just the wrong way of dealing with the situation. My big problem was my wife. There was no other problem. Why would I worry about my retirement or 401K plan when the thought of being with her when I was an old man terrified me? How could I dream of the cars I wanted, the vacation home or the traveling when she would ridicule my dreams and ideas and squander whatever money I did have?

Until I dealt with this big thing, my life was not my own.

My choice was to leave her. Once I did that all the rest of my life started to fall into place.

Now I can make choices, make decisions, plan, dream and set goals that that I can make happen.

If you are stuck in a bad situation with a bad wife, the only good solution is to leave her. I am sorry, but nothing else makes sense.

It is not easy leaving your wife. If she is the type of person you need to leave, then the actual leaving will be a terribly difficult ordeal that you will wonder if you can survive it.

The financial toll will be devastating. The problems will be severe.

The bright side is that you will work through all those things and have a far better life than you have now.

I left my wife nearly 5 years ago and things have never been better for me. It did take a long time for this to happen, but the idea of me being with her now is just something I cannot even begin to imagine wanting to do.

My problem was her and now that problem is solved. Now my problems are so small as to be not worth thinking about.

If you are struggling in a bad marriage, the best thing to do is end it. You can then heal after you have left. You can build your life at that point. You will not be able to do anything with your life if your marriage is not good.

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