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Personal Development for Men, Issue #031 -How to be a Happy Man
August 26, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #31

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How to be a Happy Man

Stay Single or Get Single

Men, the easiest way to ensure your long term happiness is to stay single. And if you are already married, get divorced.

I know this statement is shocking to almost everyone.

But it is not shocking to men who are in divorce court, to the men who are divorced and to men thinking of getting a divorce.

It is also not shocking to millions of men who are living out small, miserable lives because of how their wives are.

It is not shocking to men who would rather spend extra hours at a job they hate than come home to their wife.

No to some men, this will not be shocking at all. To some men this statement may be the most truthful, honest statement of their lives.

I know it is for me.

I was like you. I was a wild and swinging bachelor in my 20's. I had my share of flings with random women. I never felt bad about these flings. In fact, they are what I am most proud of myself for. It is almost like this was the best time of my life and I did not even know it.

But then I fell in love with one girl. She was different, I thought. She is the one. I have to marry her and we will live happily ever after.


What started out as a wonderful marriage quickly degenerated downward.

I get into all the problems in my book- "How to Leave Your Wife" so I will not go over that again here. The point is that I was not happy with my wife.

I tried to be happy trying to make her happy. But that did not work.

In fact, she is still upset with me for calling the ambulance to save her life when she was bleeding to death after complications from our first child. She thinks she did not really need to go into the hospital for treatment. But I was there, I saw the massive amount of blood on the floor, I thought she was going to die, it seemed like the right thing to do, getting her to the hospital.

But that is what I mean. You are trying to help her and she will think the worst. This will cause you lots of grief and misery.

I am writing this to help you. To explain to you that getting married is a bad deal for men. It only benefits the women and after awhile it will not benefit them either. A woman will take a good, alpha type male and drag him down to a beta. A woman will take a beta male and make him omega. A woman will take an omega male and make him less than human.

I left my wife. and have been trying to put my life back together ever since. It is difficult but that is life. It will be impossible for you to have a good life if your wife is not good to you. There is no way you can have a decent life at all. How your wife treats you is the cornerstone of your life. If she treats you poorly, your entire existence will suffer.

You have to search down deep inside yourself and determine what you want. If you want to be remain single, just do that. If you are married and are starting to realize it was a mistake, correct the mistake and leave her.

If your marriage is good, you are not here reading this. You are buy enjoying a fabulous life with a great woman. I want what you have. But if I cannot have that I at least want a life lived my own way.

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