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Personal Development for Men, Issue #030 -Remember What Your Kids Say to You
August 11, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #30

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Remember What Your Kids Say

If You Want to Feel Good

If you want to feel good, and you do, just start remembering what your kids say to you. I started to think about this the other day. I was going to bed, early as I mostly do, and as I was giving my daughter a hug she goes to me I love you dad, thank you for everything.

I love you dad, thank you for everything.

Her voice was so sweet and so sincere. This is a 13 year old public school girl who has seen a lot and experienced more with my leaving her mother and her and her brother having to leave her too.

Yet here she was just as sweet and nice as a tiny girl and appreciating me. I went to bed feeling like a million dollars.

That is why I am inspired to write to you. The words your children say can stay with you forever if you make the effort to actively remember them.

I still remember my young son say - DAD - just as I was getting home from work many years ago. The way he said I could tell he was really glad to see me.


I can still remember the extreme happiness on their faces one Christmas when we got the kids pretty much exactly what they were hoping for. This was the best Christmas ever for me. I had such pride because I was able to earn enough money to actually give my children what they wanted.

Especially since the year before the gifts we gave were so terrible, cheap and not what they wanted at all. This is why it is critical to make enough money to buy your kids good gifts at Christmas and birthdays and why it is imperative to not have more kids than you can afford.

Happiness can be purchased only if you have the money. Otherwise, not much happiness.

Write down and remember what your kids want and what they say. Do the things they want to do. Make the effort. Expend the energy. They will grow up soon enough and not need you that much. You need to have the good feelings of being a good dad. It is your right to feel good about that.

Taking care of your kids and doing more of what they want is a lot easier the fewer you have. Don't let anyone fool you.

You do not have to be married to be a good dad. I am a much better dad, and much better person since I left my wife. Where I was once a hen-pecked husband under the thumb of my wife, now I am a free man in charge of my life.

Where I was once a father who could not look after his kids that well. Now I am the kind of dad I want to be.

And that includes caring for and being loved by my two kids.

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