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Personal Development for Men, Issue #029 -Be More Free
August 07, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #29

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Be More Free

Stop looking to others all the time. Be More Free by doing more of what you want.

The first step to be more free is to work on eliminating having to answer to others. You can start in your personal life and work up from there. In fact, you cannot hope to have any freedom at all if you are un-free in your personal life.

I was not free in my marriage. My wife was verbally abusive and continually made demands on me. Thinking about how the government robs me was not high on my list because my wife was robbing me of my life. She mostly took, not much giving. She spent all the money I made, not working herself. She wanted to live a lifestyle that was more than I could afford and more than what I wanted. I rarely spent my money on things that I wanted. I was not free to decide how to spend my money. Whatever money I made was either spoken for or spent by my wife. The best I could do was pay the bills as soon as I got paid so at least I could keep the house and power turned on. If I left this to my wife, she would just buy stuff we did not need and already had and delay paying the normal monthly bills.

This is huge for men. You want to be free in your personal life. You want to decide how you spend the money you earn and accumulate. If you want to spend it taking care of a woman, go ahead, but you do not want her to decide how your money should be spent. She can decide how her money should be spent and you can decide how your money should be spent.

You will not be free in your personal life if you have to hide things from your wife. It is so much simpler, and better, to not be married. That way you are not obligated to provide everything for her. Health insurance, life insurance, any insurance, utility bills, telephone service, any service. Life is set up to make you pay for your wife. Is this fair to you? You are the one left out of the mix. You are the one working, yet she is the one getting all the benefit. Is that right?

You will not be free if your job is such that you are under constant scrutiny. You can eliminate most of that scrutiny by being an outstanding person. If you are outstanding your employers and supervisors will spend their time policing your co-workers. They will give them the hard time and hover around them to make sure they are working. They will leave you alone. I have been basically left alone for 20 years. In the few times my boss asks what I am doing or questions what I am up to I chafe at this intrusion. These times are further fuel to provide the motivation to leave where I am at. I cannot stand anyone questioning what I am doing.

You will not be free if you are getting into trouble with the authorities. I hate authority. Absolutely hate it. I hate anyone thinking they can rule over me and tell me what to do.

But what I hate even more than that is someone wasting my time, my life, on stupid stuff that I can easily avoid.

I can avoid being stopped by the police for speeding, by watching my speed. I obey the rules of the road, not because I think they are right, but to avoid the police. You can tell where the cops are usually.

I can avoid getting caught for drinking and driving, not because I agree with those laws, but because I do not want to be punished by anyone. I choose to drink less or make arrangements for a safe ride when the need arrives. I can also choose to let loose when I can and I have the time, opportunity and no one needs to drive.

Do you start to see what I mean? I hate all the laws and wish it were not that way. But what I really hate would be being caught up in those laws and having my life turned upside down.

Looking back I hated having to answer to my wife. What should have been a wonderfully satisfying love affair turned into her being the prosecutor, judge and jury. She was always finding fault, laying blame and passing judgement. The way I lived is not how I want you to live. I want no one to suffer the way I did. I want no one to suffer.

The idea that someone should suffer is just abhorrent to me. Why must anyone go through any suffering? It makes no sense.

The idea that someone thinks others should suffer is just terrible.

You are not here to suffer. If you are suffering, you need to get relief. You need to find a way to relieve your pain. If your job sucks, you need to start looking for something else.

If anything in your life sucks, including your marriage, then end it and leave.

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