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Personal Development for Men, Issue #027-Things to do with Your Daughter
July 15, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #27

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You Can be a Good Father

Even if you are Divorced

I spent part of the afternoon hiking in a State Park with my daughter. The park is near our home and very scenic.

I usually just walk in my neighborhood by myself. But that gets stale and boring. I have walked the same streets hundreds of times. Walking right where you live is a big time saver, especially if you are doing your laundry at the same time. But it is boring and you never really see anything new.

I am working on getting in better shape to go on longer hikes and do more stuff like that. So I have to go on longer hikes.

Going hiking in a scenic area is a really fun thing that your daughter will enjoy. My daughter is not much for walking in my neighborhood. She finds it just as boring as I do. She does not mind walking with her friends around our home, just not me.

Try this hiking with your daughter. Girls aren't just interested in shopping and going to the mall. They like nature and seeing beautiful scenery too.

My daughter and I both brought our digital cameras. We want to update our status and profile pictures with interesting pictures. There is nothing as interesting as seeing beautiful nature and getting in better shape.

Hiking outside is always good for everyone.

We hiked for nearly an hour at a pretty brisk pace with some stopping for pictures. It was hot so we carried some water. Plus I had more water in the car for when we were done.

You just cannot get to see interesting things without walking to see them.

I have a better relationship now with my daughter than when I was married. When I was married I mostly had to deal with my wife. I had no real time or energy to be with my kids. Plus everything I did or said had to be cleared and okayed by my wife.

But once I left my wife I was able to be a better dad. I could actually talk to my kids without having my wife there giving me a hard time about what I was saying.

When I first left, the kids stayed with their mother. They dealt with her as best they could. I had no real way to take care of them. I had no money, the court saw to that.

But all the while I was healing. I was getting better. I was maturing and changing for the better.

The kids suffered living with their mother, but they survived. And when the time was right, they left her and now live with me.

My son and I decided he needed to leave her on his 16th birthday. That was the tipping point for him. He has now been with me full time for 18 months.

My daughter ran away from her mother a year ago.

The point of this sad story is to encourage you to leave a bad marriage even if you have children. You can be a much better father if you are not hen-pecked and criticized by your wife.

You do not want to live that way. You want to be a strong man in charge of your life. You want to have a place for children to come to that is like an oasis of peace and harmony. Maybe they only see you once in awhile on the weekends or even less often. But that does not mean you time together cannot be sweet.

Maybe you will not see them that much for years, but then when they need you the most, you will be there for them.

That is how it worked for me. I did not really see them that much for quite a few years. It was only when they really needed me that I saw how important it was for me to have left their mother that they have had a chance at a much better life.

There lives are peaceful, happy, filled with friends and fun. They only have occasional drama now with their mother rather than a day to day, dreary life with her.

I handle the basics now. And my basics include a safe, clean home where they are at peace. With a little bit of fun like hiking thrown in.

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