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Personal Development for Men, Issue #057 - Leave Your Wife Now
November 01, 2013

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #57

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Leave Your Wife Now

You are doing anyone any good by staying.

I am seeing it clearly now that the worst thing I ever did for my wife, my kids and me was staying too long after I knew I should leave.

Once you have made the decision to leave, do it.

My ex-wife is a total mess and it is partly to blame on me. Every day, every week, every month and every year made her older, and less able to cope with life

It is better for you to divorce your wife when she is young and has a chance to make a better life.

You think you are doing her a favor by staying. You are paying the way. You are helping.

But all the while you are doing all this for her she is getting more and more helpless. More and more difficult to deal with. More and more unable to cope with life without you.

My ex is almost beyond hope. She cannot get a job. She is just paranoid, bitter, worn out and old. She has nothing to give and that is my fault for staying so long.

I thought I needed to wait to do more. I thought I had to wait until the kids were older. I thought I had to wait until all the health problems with her family were over. I thought I had to wait until the school year was over. I thought I had to wait until things were good.

But things were never good. They would never be good. Being good was impossible. It was a joke.

When you are with a woman like her, your life is just so miserable that you want it over. You do not think what you staying too long is doing to other people.

In being unselfish, you are being totally selfish.

You have to leave these bad women behind at the first sign of their badness. This helps them to realize how bad they are. How hard they are to get along with. Maybe they will understand what terrible women they are and change for the better. Maybe they will make something of their lives.

My ex-wife is dependent on others. A bunch of guys. Her family. Her children. Me.

She just is like a wrecking ball breaking everyone in her path. She only knows how to take, not give.

And that is partly my fault.

I let her be this way. I covered for her. I worked harder to deal with her. I covered for all her mistakes, her problems. I paid her bills.

But this just made it worse for her. And me.

Now she cannot deal with life. And it partly my fault. Leave your wife now and give her, your children and you a chance at a good life.

My life is fantastic being single and free from the demands of the wrong woman in it.

Truthfully, the lives of my children are better than I could have ever imagined them to be. I am thankful that they are putting the bad memories of a bad mother behind them. They are moving on with their lives in spite of having a bad mother.

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