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Personal Development for Men, Issue #038 - Radcliffe Haughton
October 21, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #38

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Radcliffe Haughton

and what he means to you

A man named Radcliffe Haughton killed his wife, two other women, injured 4 more and killed himself at a fancy spa in Brookfield Wisconsin today. The spa is across the street from the big mall I go to with my daughter. I had just taken her and one of her friends there yesterday. This hits home to me.

Murder is not just in the inner cities or out in the boondocks. It is right in front of you.

To me this is a classic story of why a man needs to leave his wife before things go wrong.

It is unclear if he was still married to her or not. They did report that she had a restraining order against him just last week. So she must have been worried about what he was doing.

As an aside, I do not see what good a piece of paper does. She is dead now. A lot of good the paper did, or the police for that matter. They just clean things up when the damage is done.

Stories like these make me sick because I see how a bad marriage makes a man do wrong. I have no way of knowing if how she was contributed to his mental state.

My only concern is helping people see that their own life matters and it is only by taking steps to make your life better will it get better.

It is not going to get better with violence and killing. That is the low point of letting your emotions and wrong thoughts push you over the deep end.

He could have just let her be. Their relationship is over when she went to the trouble of getting a restraining order.

When the person you are with does not want to be with you anymore, that is your cue to move on. There is nothing more pathetic than hanging onto a dead relationship.

The gunman was 45 years old. He had s lot of life yet. Killing anyone is never worth it. Hurting anyone is never worth it. Thinking you will get some kind of revenge, or redemption or satisfaction with violence never happens. This is not a stupid movie where the killing is glamorized. This is flesh and blood and real.

He killed 3 people. He killed himself.

It makes no sense.

You have to look at these things and try to understand the mindset that would drive a man to do that and then take steps to never let yourself get into that state.

My ex used to drive me to the brink of madness too. I used to think of killing her or killing myself would bring me some relief.

But that is just stupid, blind rage and emotions running my life.

Instead of doing that stupid stuff, I left her. Leaving a bad situation is always the best solution. Staying and fighting is for fools. Staying and killing is for killers. Leaving and starting over is for survivors and winners and for people who think they matter.

Mr. Radcliffe's father even gave a phone interview where he said he had asked his son to come to Florida to visit him and that he could stay with him for awhile until he sorted things out.

The way out of the stupid mess was right there in front of him. He could have just got in his car, drove south and moved on.

He could have been in Florida relaxing in the sun with his dad for a few weeks and letting the time and space heal him.

Time and space heals all. Leave your bad marriage now and let time heal your wounds instead of doing more damage yourself. Bettering the world starts with bettering your little world. You cannot expect the world to get better if your part in it is killing and violence.

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