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Personal Development for Men, Issue #037 - Fat Men Need Love Too
October 14, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #37

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Fat Men Need Love Too

It is not just for young, lean men

Fat men like love too. It is not just young, in-shape, lean men who want to be with with young, beautiful women.

I watched a couple of documentaries a few months ago. One was about traveling to Thailand and the other was traveling to the Philippines.

I watched them because I am interested in traveling to those places. I have heard and read that they are great.

One show was hosted by a female traveler and the other by a male traveler.

They each had a very short segment where each host ventured into a red-light, bar district. The kind of district I want to include in my travels.

What really irritated me was that they each showed older, fatter men with young beautiful, sexy Asian girls and both hosts said how sick that was.

The women host said she could not stand to be there more than 10 minutes and male host said he wanted to puke.

Wanted to puke?

Seeing an older, fatter men with a young woman makes him want to puke?

Not being able to handle being somewhere where people are having a good time more than 10 minutes?

Why is it assumed that once a man gets over some set age or some arbitrary weight is it assumed that his life is over?

Is your life over when you turn 60, or is it 50, maybe it is 40, or even 35. Isn't it only young men who want to be with women and old men should just get in the rocking chair or in front of the tv until death. That way younger people do not have to be offended.

So when a man gains a little too much weight he is supposed to settle for fat women or women he does not find attractive or no love life at all?

Is that the way it should be? IF you are too old or too fat for "their" tastes, then you do not deserve to have any enjoyment.

I have news for "them". Fat men like to live too. So do old men. Fat, old men like to live too. Why is that so hard to take? Why is that so hard to see?

I have never been to Thailand or the Philippines. Maybe what goes on there is not good. But maybe it is good. What is wrong with women making money by selling what they have to men with the money to buy it?

Why was prostitution fine at one time, but not now? Why was it good somewhere else but not this place?

Why is assumed that these men are paying for it? Is is possible that they are handsome and charming in their own way and that some women somewhere will find them desirable?

Why is assumed that a fat, old man is worthless for getting women? Is that really true?

I don't think so.

Not if you make an effort to improve yourself as much as you can with what you have and you feel good about yourself.

Why can't a fatter, older man enjoy an active love life and have some adventures?

I hate seeing the seedier side of life portrayed as a hangout for losers. I love the nightlife. I love to get out and see real life. I love hanging out in bars, enjoying a few drinks and laughs. I love to meet new women and maybe make a connection. That is fun at any age. The fun does not have to end when THEY say it should end.

It may be more difficult to have the energy for this type of fun. Perhaps your time and energy is drained or tied up in other things. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy the wilder type of lifestyle once in awhile. I find that a little, wilder fun is more sustaining. Wild fun adds up to a lifetime memory. I do not have the time, energy or the money to go out every weekend. But when I do go out, I make it fun.

Why isn't having fun considered an adventure and the best part of life? Not every traveler is interested in extreme sports or seeing every church wherever he is. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy meeting someone new.

This is your life we are talking about. You do not have to do what THEY say you should be doing. You need to be doing what you want to be doing. As long as you are not harming someone else you are ok with my. It will not bother me to see you, an older, fatter man with a beautiful young woman. That is what I want for myself.

I am working on getting leaner, and not looking so old. I want to do this to make my life better. Not so I do not offend the easily offend-able. But for my own life.

It is easier to get better looking women if you are leaner.

It is easier to travel if you fit in the airplane better and have plenty of money to do so.

It is easier to see the sights and do what you want if you are in better shape. But do not wait to start to live until you are in better shape. Live now, and as you are living you will get in better shape.

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