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Personal Development for Men, Issue #036 - Your Life
October 09, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #36

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Your Life

That's What You Need to Think About

I have been spending some time recently thinking about my past. Kind of examining some of the more traumatic episodes in my childhood to try to determine if those episodes were what shaped me and made me who I an now.

I am starting to realize that, obviously, they are.

They are defining moments.

It is amazing to put the pieces together now.

Some people cannot understand why I would want to think about the past. After all I was just a kid. That was 30 to 40 years ago. Get over it they say.

I can't.

Other people would say they are not interested in thinking about their past. They just are thinking to the future. You can't get the past back.

Some people mostly think about others. Friends, family, politicians, athletes and celebrities. That is who they think about. Not me. Thinking about others does not interest me that much. I know that I have very little influence over others and I have zero interest in gaining power over them. Of course, I have less than zero interest in them having power over me.

I think about me.

I find my own life the most fascinating of all.

I think back to my accomplishments with pride.

I think back to the good times with satisfaction.

I think of the interesting places I have been and the cool people I have met.

I especially think of the women I have known.

I think of how I was when I was younger.

I think of what I know may be able to help others.

I think of what I am not proud of and how I wish I had not done those things.

And I think of those long ago childhood moments that shaped who I am now. Those memories are buried deep.

I cannot recall the details, only the generalities. But I think that I can remember enough of the details to pieices together how I reacted and how I became from those events.

If your own life is not worth your time in thinking about it, what does that say about what you have been doing?

I don't think it means that your life has been boring and meaningless. Although, if it has you could start taking steps to make it less boring and more exciting. I think what it really says is that you have what others want so ingrained in you that you think you do not matter.

I know that is how I thought. I did not matter to me. That is how my life unraveled.

Now I am raveling it up. My life does matter.

My past matters to me. I write about some of my stories to help me understand myself.

I am not trying to bore you with my details only to open your eyes and mind to the fact that your own past does matter to you.

Read my stories, especially of how I left my wife. When you read the stories of others you start to gain empathy. When you can cry a little about what happened to me, you will be able to cry a lot about what happened to you.

Once you gain a little empathy for others you will gain a lot of empathy for yourself. Your life will get up to a peaceful plane. Revenge and killing will not be your mindset.

Getting control and power over others will not be what you long for.

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