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Anything Can Change At Any Time

Anything can change at any time.

The more you take this to heart, the happier you will be when it happens and the more likely that your life will be able to change for the better in an instant.

There have been several times in my life where my life changed in an instant.

The most traumatic was when I left my wife. I go through how I came to leave her in my book - How to Leave Your Wife The book is my story of how I found the courage to leave my wife and get on with my life.

But sometimes your life can change for the better in happier ways.

I remember meeting girls late at night and having wild, fun times with them. It was like we were able to connect in minutes and have a fabulous love affair immediately. Then a few hours or a few days later, we both move on. These were the best of times to me.

I have no problem with short term romances. I must admit that the ones I've had I have thoroughly enjoyed and remember the girls so well and so fondly.

I prefer to call a one night stand a short term romance. To me it is not a dirty, bad thing. To me, it is just a romance condensed into a very short time frame.

Now after my marriage has ended, I see that most relationships will end, so why get hung up on the ones that end very quickly.

If you are religious, or a prude you will probably not agree with me at all. You will still be thinking in terms of long term committments and you have to love the person before you have sex.

But not me. I did have great sex with my wife. But not because she was my wife. It was because we both liked to have sex and both enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it just as much with women I hardly knew. When I think back to my best memories with women, I remember the short term flings the best. The ones where things happened fast and at a furious pace. The long term relationships and my marriage are mostly a blur of some happiness mixed in with boredom and in the case of my marriage, massive pain.

But getting back to anything can change at any time.

Sometimes when things are not looking that great for you, you have to trust that things can change at any time.

A lot of times, I would be at the point of getting depressed with my lack of luck with the ladies. Then, I would meet a beautiful, sexy girl, or beautiful and sexy enough at that time, and all my troubles would vanish in an instant. My life would be improved right then. I went from a loveless time without any prospects for sex or female companionship to more of that than I could handle.

This can happen in an instant.

You can meet a women today that you remember forever.

You can meet a women today that you spend the rest of your life with.

You can come up with an idea for a business today that will transform the world and set you up for life.

You can start a new career that you love.

You can inspire others to do great things.

You can teach your children that they matter by showing them that you matter.

You can write something, or record something, or make a video of something, put it on the internet and change another persons life for the better. Maybe it is your life that changes in an instant. Maybe you help someone else.

All this can happen. It happens all the time. I would not be able to write this without reading inspirational words from others. I have read thousands of articles and hundreds of books. The words I have read have transformed my life. You can start to expect that it will happen. Once you start to expect these good things to happen, they will happen. This is the law of attraction in action.

You know all of this is true. You can look back on your life and see how things changed very rapidly for you at times. Once you start thinking of this process you will find it a lot of fun to remember all these good times. If you cannot remember this too much, you can just change your mindset to one that expects it. The more you expect it, the more it will come.

After all, I went from a shy, overweight kid to a man who could have one night stands as a young man in my 20's.

I went from a fun loving bachelor to a married man with a young family.

I went from a man with a woman who adored him to a man with a verbally abusive woman I had to run from.

I went from a man with everything stripped from him, his confidence, his self-esteem, his self-respect, his money, his home and even his children, to where I am today.

I am nearly at peace. I love to do what I am doing now. I love writing and working on the internet. I can be absorbed on the internet for hours. It is what I love to do. I am working on getting my finances back in order after my divorce. I am working on getting love back into my life from women. And best of all my children are living with me now.

Anything can change at any time.

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