Issue #001, January 9, 2012

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Here is an additional way you can be a better dad.

Be kind and respectful to your kid's friends.

The other day my daughter had 2 of her friend's over to visit. One of her friends even told me that I was so cool. Can you believe that? A 13 year old girl telling a 47 year old man that he was cool?

My daughter even told me later that evening as we sat together on the couch how she loved how her friends thought I was a great guy.

This is not an act on my part. I do not want to be the grumpy dad who is grouchy to his children's friends and makes them feel bad when they are over and makes them not want to come over.

That is not being a good dad.

A good dad will make it possible for his kids to have some fun with their friends. You have some ground rules, but as few rules as possible. What is the sense of all these rules? You are not a dictator are you? It is a family, not a government. You want your kids to thrive socially, not stagnate under constant criticism from an overly strict and harsh father.

There is not really even a fine line. If you have been a good father up to this point, your kids are more than likely not going to do anything that out of line.

The worst my kids do is stay up too late. But as long as they have an opportunity to sleep in the next day or to get to bed early the next day, I do not worry about this. What is the harm in staying up late and enjoying life?

If your kids are not feeling well or already rundown, that would be a different story. Then, you would not allow them to have friends over or to go to their friends house. But my kids know this so they are good at taking care of themselves most of the time so they are mostly well rested and healthy most of the time.

This is exactly how I want to be. Well rested and feeling good all the time. Then when I have a chance to stay up late for something fun, it does not bother me. I can stay up late if need be.

When I was married, my wife was the type of person that did not believe a man needed to sleep that much. She made going to bed early a big ordeal. I was constantly exhausted from this type of schedule. I do not miss staying up late for weeks at a time working around the house on things that do not need to be done.

It is not that hard to be kind to your children. You love them don't you? You brought them into the world. They are your responsibility. They will be far easier to care for the more responsible they are and the more easygoing you are.

I just do not see the point of parents micromanaging their childrens lives and forcing them to be involved in all kinds of things they have no interest in and being grouchy to their friends. After all, your kids friends are the children of men like you. You do not want your kids to be yelled at by someone do you? You do not want your kids to be made to feel unwelcome when they are somewhere else. Why would you do this to another child?

Just lighten up, relax. Let the kids enjoy themselves. Don't think of them as kids so much. Think how you would want to be treated if you were at someone's house and be that way.

Why not choose to be kind, easygoing and respectful?

Your Most Important Job is Being a Dad You can do it. You have done it up to this point. Your kids need you and want you as their father.

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