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Personal Development for Men, Issue #032 -How to Be Free
August 30, 2012
Hello Men,

Welcome to Personal Development for Men Issue #32

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How to Be Free

Act Normal

In order to be free act normal.

What do I even mean by that?

Most people are not interested in being free. They are especially not interested in you being free. They will be only too happy to find ways to restrict you.

I say the hell with that. I demand my freedom.

I am not voting for it. I am not rioting to get it. I am not waiting for someone to give it to me.

I am taking it. It is my right to be free and I am and will continue to be.

The problem is that when you go about your life as a free person and act too free, it will upset people. When you get the wrong people upset with you, you are the one that will pay the price.

The whole world is set up to restrict your freedom, not give you any. You have to take it. You have to concentrate on it and do what you want to do and do what you consider freedom to be.

Let's face it, freedom for all and in everything will never happen. Too many people want to enslave you to some degree.

But, by going about your life in a free way, you can be free to the degree you want.

You need to define what freedom means to you. It is never about gaining freedom for all. If other people want freedom, let them have it. All this business about fighting for freedom, and working together for freedom is pure nonsense. It wastes your time at best and kills people at worst. There is no benefit to you.

You can see that this mindset is the exact opposite of most people. Most people believe in big armies going out and killing others in the name of freedom. Most people believe in paying lots of taxes in order to regulate freedom. Most people believe that other people should be jailed for doing things they don't like. It is a never ending story.

Be free, but act normal.

You have to fit into society and not draw attention to yourself.

What happens when you have drank too much and you drive home? Do you drive really fast and swerve all over the road? Or do you drive as best as you can? Don't you concentrate on driving as well as you can so as to not draw the attention of the police so they stop you? You try to avoid trouble.

When you were young and you were doing things your parents did not approve of, you did not tell them, did you. You kept this from them to keep your freedom.

When you are working and not doing that much, you don't advertise this to your boss and co-workers. You keep this to yourself.

These are all simple examples of simple freedom techniques. You just expand these techniques to a much larger degree to obtain more and more freedom.

If freedom is what you crave, you concentrate on it and let the concerns of others fall by the wayside. It is your life to lead. You have to do what you want.

If you are in a marriage that is more like a prison than a peaceful, loving, harmonious home that you love then you may have to leave your wife like I left mine. Being married to my wife was not improving my freedom. She was the judge, the prosecutor, the jury and the jailer. She ruled me and kept me enslaved in a bad marriage.

Looking back I can hardly believe I stayed with her so long. It is like I am a totally different person.

Where before I was a hen-pecked husband hearing constant criticism from my wife and worrying constantly what she would do, now I am in charge of my life.

She still tries to get she calls, I don't answer. If she wants something, I do not give it to her. If she comes over, I don't let her in. If the kids have let her in, I get her out.

Do you get me? I could no more have done any of this when I was married as ride to the moon on a bicycle.

It was only by

leaving my wife that I have reclaimed my life and freedom.

But you have to be normal about all this. You have to go through the normal channels to get divorced. You need an attorney and you have to go to court. It is not freedom, until you go through it.

Of course, if you are smart you would never get married and never have to deal with all this freedom restricting nonsense.

But you probably were as dumb as I was and foolishly go married. Now you are just waking up to the fact that your life sucks and the biggest problem you have in your life is your wife.

The only solution that will work is to leave her. You will not have any kind of a life at all, any freedom whatsoever in a bad marriage.

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